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At Tinc, we are trying to be as “green” as we can be. At Tinc Headquarters, we try to reuse and recycle whenever possible. Ana, our Designer, rides her bike around San Francisco for daily errands. Nathan, our Director of Color, uses cold-water formulas to dye and silk screen our fabrics. Everything is assembled locally in San Francisco (meet the people from design to final sewing at tincwear.com). We provide comprehensive information about shoes. We also try as much as possible to source environmentally friendly fabrics. Mill information is available upon request.Our eco-textile selections for the Spring 2009 Collection include:Organic Cotton Jersey is grown and milled in India. The Seacell is made from fibers of compressed seaweed, lyocell and organic cotton. We’ve been told that the fabric is anti-bacterial and alkalizing. It is full of minerals like calcium, magnesium, proteins, and numerous vitamins. The fabricThe Foiled Cotton is woven with foil and flax hand milled in small batches in Italy.The Peace Silk as well as the company that uses it has received the stamp of approval from the Dalai Lama for their methods of production. The silk worms hatch and live through their whole life cycle and then the silk is dyed with low impact or vegetable dyes. It comes form India. The Recyclon comes from Japan. It is Oeko-Tex 100 certified as a recycled textile. It is made from off spec yarn, from the production of other fabrics re-spun into a shining new durable twill.The Cotton Shirting, uses certified organic cotton from Turkey.

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