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Ana, Designer for Ana Smith, each piece of clothing she designs is an act of devotion. She creates clothes that express refinement, dignity, and artistry --- right down to the embroidered Tinc labels, which are often sewn by Ana, herself. Though she begins with a vision of what she wants to make, the process of working with fabric often leads her to unexpected place. And while the look of her creations is paramount, Ana also believes in thoughtful production practices: she uses environmentally-friendly fabrics and non-reactive dyes, her office lighting is fluorescent, she carries out day-to-day errands on her bicycle, and many deliveries are made with her luggage cart, affectionately named “Roto-girl”.Ana takes her inspiration from life, literature, and music. Her muses include Truman Capote, Audrey Lorde, and Marcel Duchamp. Her work is also influenced by her years acting in public as the boy author, J.T. Leroy. Many of Ana’s designs playfully explore gender and how clothes define the self. Ana is also currently writing a memoir about her experiences as JT Leroy, which will be published by Seven Stories Press.Nathan, Director of ColorA bit of an enfant terrible, Nathan has the honor of having attended six different high schools. By eighteen, he had made his way to New York City and had started his first line of silk-screened t-shirts. He supported this artistic venture by working internationally as a model. By hand-crafting the color of Tinc's textiles, Nathan greatly attributes to the distinct look of the line. To create his original textile patterns, he plays with universal geometrical shapes as well as found and original images to see how they can be distorted and reinvented – finding the balance between control and chaos. Since dyeing and silk-screening are done "in house" by Nathan, Tinc can assure its customers that it is using the most environmentally friendly dyes and formulas available.Kim, Head of ProductionKim immigrated with her two infant sons to the United States after the fall of Hanoi. A skilled sample maker, Kim supported her family by making samples for several distinguished San Francisco fashion houses. To Tinc, she brings over twenty-five years of knowledge from working with apparel. She is a perfectionist and works diligently to make certain every Tinc garment is executed consummately. Whether it’s figuring out how to conceal a seam or how to make a sweatshirt reversible and “up-side-downable”, Kim ensures that Tinc’s clothes are crafted as such that they rival the finest tailoring in the world.Parichati, Director of ResourcesHaving studied architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture, Parichati went on to help design and run two successful Bay Area restaurants. She has always been passionate about the influence design has on heightening our living experience --- from space and objects, to clothing. She was the first to recognize Ana's talent as a designer, and together they founded Tinc in 2002. Her entrepreneurial spirit has buoyed Ana since the outset of their venture.Hennessey, Director of Sales and Public RelationsHennessey was voted best dressed of her junior high class and bought her first pair of Maud Frizon shoes when she was fifteen. While obtaining her degrees from U.C. Berkeley in Political Economy and Arabic and during a year as a Fulbright Scholar---not to mention, a stint with the State Department---Hennessey sought out unique clothes all over the world. However, when she wore Tinc for the first time---it was like seeing the light. She had never donned anything that made her feel as sophisticated and formidable and has felt compelled to dress everyone she meets in her sister’s fantastic designs. As a mother of two, she feels that Tinc’s choice of organic fibers and nontoxic dyes make this company part of a movement that will eventually clean up the world---one outfit at a time.

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