Ana, our designer, has created a collection of decisive silhouettes from the softest peace silk and organic cotton shirting. Nathan, our Director of Color, has hand-silk-screened messages – the “I love you” soundwave and the orbit of nucleons– onto futuristic seacell spun of seaweed, cotton, and wood fibers. Kim, our Director of construction, has bound thoughtful seams with optimism. In January 2009, we’ll applaud a new president while working for global cooling. And wearing our Tinc clothes and shoes, we’ll herald the promise of a verdant green new era.Tinc’s clothes are works of art. Like valuable prints or photographs, each garment is labeled, denoting its number in a limited series. We produce our pieces in small batches of prime numbers. Divisible by one and themselves, prime numbers remind us of the indivisible qualities of an individual’s style.

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